The Wild Rogue Relay is a stunning course that showcases the beauty of Southern Oregon. From the start in the Siskiyou mountains to the miles along the wild Rogue River, to the stunning beaches of the Southern Oregon coast, the Wild Rogue Relay is truly a scenic wonderland.

The most current maps will be posted here. Please note that all maps are subject to change.

To print the overview and ALL leg charts, click here.

The 2023 version of the race bible is here. Please note: you WILL need to print one or two copies of the race bible for your team. We do not provide copies.

You’ll find mileage totals and difficulty rankings by leg here.

A finish-time estimator spreadsheet is here.



The 221 mile Wild Rogue Relay course is a stunner from start to finish, with gorgeous rivers, incredible canyons and stunning coastline as its backdrop. With a small field (100 teams), you’ll have no traffic to deal with, which means plenty of time to soak in the views, support your runner, and tour Southern Oregon in a unique, fun, and challenging way. We’ll put our scenery up against that of any relay in the world; it really is that good.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll see along the course:

The race begins on the shore of Applegate Lake, at Hart-Tish Campground. The Collings Mountain Trail, famous for leading to the only active Bigfoot Trap in the world, is just across the street.

Our race uses trail whenever possible. This trail is on Leg #1.

The course follows the Applegate River to Jackson County, where it veers east for a little climbing challenge.

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Leaving Cantrall Buckley on Leg #6. This is a view only the runners get to see.

Runners go through the Red Lily vineyards on the way to Exchange #6.

Enjoy the beautiful grounds of Red Lily Vineyards – taste their wines, get a free massage from our sponsors, and enjoy complimentary Dutch Bros at this amazing major exchange.

This runner agrees that Red Lily is the best major exchange he’s ever seen.

The course continues through stunning wine country. (This is leg #8.)

The mountains get bigger as the race draws near the Rogue River.

Your first real good look at the Rogue River happens on Leg #12.

After the major exchange in Merlin, the Rogue really starts to put on a show. This is leg #13.

More views from Leg #13. Your team may be too busy snapping photos to cheer you on…and we definitely recommend that Van #2 take the time to catch this amazing view!

The runner on leg #16 gets to run over the beautiful Graves Creek Bridge…but they pay for it with a big climb!

It’s not an easy climb…but if you are lucky to get there early enough, the views are worth it! Many teams will be climbing this section in the dark.

Climbing up to leg #18.

You will be tempted to stop and stare at the sunset…it really can’t be helped.

Leg 18 is a happening spot.

This is where the midnight dance parties begin…

Leg #22 through Eden Valley is gorgeous…though most teams will come through this section during the night.

The course follows the Coquille River on leg #23…so don’t be surprised if you hear the sound of beaver thwacking their tails as you run by.

The final runner in Van #24 makes the climb to Agness Pass…and lets Van #1 take it downhill from there.

View of the Rogue from Leg #26.

Lobster Creek Bridge on Leg #29.

Another bridge – this one wooden. Guess what…we have a lot of bridges on our course!

Admire the view while giving the legs a stretch…

The course begins to look a lot more like the beach on Leg #30.

And leg #30 finishes with a run over the Gold Beach Bridge to finish in front of Jerry’s Jet Boats.

Chase runners down the beach on Leg #31. Runners spend about 1 1/2 miles on the sand before returning to road.

Run past Kissing Rock on Leg 31.

The runner on Leg #32 enjoys Myers Beach…as do her teammates!

More great views on Leg #33.

More great views from Van 2. Van 1 drives the same route and can stop and soak in the views.

Van 1 should definitely take the time to stop in at Arch Rock.

Leg 34, aka “The Clown-Puncher”, is one of the most unique legs out there. You’ll run trail, cross dunes, and live a story you’ll want to share for years to come.

Leg 36 isn’t short on magical views either.

Perhaps the most magical view of all! 218 miles later, you and your team will feel like rockstars!

The finish line party features music, beer, food for purchase and plenty of time to share your stories…

Come and discover what Oregon’s most beautiful relay is all about!

Thursday night:

Before the race begins, you can find standard hotel and motel lodging in Medford.  Travel Medford has a fantastic search feature to help you find local options. The Inn at the Commons is within walking distance to packet pickup and Common Block Brewing. Medford is about 45 minutes from the start line at Hart-Tish. Jacksonville boasts some great bed & breakfasts and quaint historical inns. Jacksonville is about 30 minutes from the start line.

We will offer camping for a nominal fee at the start line at Hart-Tish. There are flush toilets available here. There is plenty of camping available in the 6 campgrounds around Applegate Lake and Jackson Campground (XC 1) too.

Friday night (during the race):

Along the relay route, there aren’t any hotels that work easily. Campgrounds and the areas listed below are certainly your best option!

  • Van 2: Glendale School, where people can rest (van 1) while waiting for their runner to make it close to XC #18. Glendale School will have concessions open for runners. Showers will also be available. We will operate a ham radio communication system to inform teams when to depart to meet their runner at XC #18. We ask that teams DO NOT camp at XC 18 as it is a tight exchange.
  • Van 1: Campgrounds called Eden Valley, Island, Rock Creek and the XC at #24 will be a quiet area for sleeping. There is a large quarry area at #24 you will be able to park at. There are a few rooms available at Cougar Lane Lodge, which is located on Leg #26. This could be an option for either van. There is cell service at Cougar Lane Lodge, but you will not be able to reach your Van #2 on their way to #24. Good estimates with the pace prediction sheet are essential for timing your exchange right if you choose to stay here.
  • Van 1: This van could opt to get a hotel room in Gold Beach while waiting for Van #2. XC #30 is at the north end of town by the jetty. There is plenty of space to stretch out at XC #30. We do recommend that you bring a tarp if you plan to stretch out on the grass here. You’ll have cell service from Van #2 for enough time to let you know that they are on the way in.

Saturday night:

After the race, take advantage of being on the Oregon coast – stay a night in Brookings or Gold Beach.

We will have free camping available for teams at the finish line in Azalea Park.

Information for lodging in Brookings. The Riverside RV Resort has hot showers and is in walking distance of the finish. Harris Beach State Park is a short drive away and offers camping along the beach.

Check out more lodging options in Gold Beach.