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When registration opens                The 2024 race is canceled.           

       This information will be updated once the 2025 event is scheduled

⬜ Register your team and then have your team and volunteers (if applicable) enter their information in the online database. Registration is open to a select number of teams, so the earlier you register, the better.

By April 30, 2024

⬜ Recruit 1-2 volunteers (depending on team size) to work 6-8 hour shifts on the racecourse. If you choose to hire non-profit volunteers ($175 each, with the fee going to the non-profit they are working for), pay for your volunteers by April 30, 2024. You may opt-in for non-profit volunteers through April 30, 2024. The cost per volunteer rises to $250 per person after April 30th. Email to make this change. Registration for volunteer shifts will open in the spring. Be sure to share this information with your volunteers when registration opens so they can sign up for their preferred spot. 

⬜ Make sure your teammates register, record their estimated pace, and select their shirt size by March 31st to guarantee their preferred size is at the finish and to ensure a proper start time.

Two Months Out

⬜ Recruit alternate runners. Check the Wild Rogue Relay Runner Pool page for runners looking for teams.

⬜ Arrange for vehicles. Vehicles over 20 feet in length are NOT ALLOWED on the course.

⬜ Recruit drivers (optional). Team support personnel do not satisfy the volunteer requirement.

⬜ Determine your lodging for pre- and post-race. More information on lodging is available on the Course Maps page.

⬜ Share the packing list with your teammates. Determine your team supply needs and assign team members to bring items accordingly. This is a fairly remote race with limited services for much of the course. You’ll find more information about what’s available in the Race Bible. Plan accordingly.

⬜ Review your start time. Using the leg ranking chart (in the Documents section)to assign legs and estimate paces/finishing time using the Finish Time Estimator (also in the Documents section). Use your assigned start time to complete the Finish Time Estimator. If you notice that you are predicted to finish before 10 am or after 7 pm, please email to discuss adjusting your start time.

  • Be sure to send your estimated finishing time (in hours:minutes:seconds) to to enter the contest. The team who comes closest to their estimated finishing time wins 25% off next year’s entry fee!

⬜ Decide on costumes and van decorations. We have contests and you can win prizes!

Week of Race

⬜ Remind volunteers to sign in and fulfill their 6-8 hour shifts or the team will be disqualified. If you opted for non-profit volunteers and paid, you don’t need to do anything. If you still haven’t paid, bring your check to check-in. You will not be able to receive any finisher’s items with unpaid volunteer fees.

⬜ Attend check-in on Thursday night at Common Block Brewing and show required safety equipment: completed waivers for any team member who has not registered online, 2 Safety Vests (one for each van), 2 Headlamps or flashlights (one for each van) and 4 Flashing Lights (two for each van). You may make alternative arrangements to check-in at Hart-Tish Park on Thursday night (if you are camping) or at the start on Friday morning. If you start before 6 am, we HIGHLY recommend you check in on Thursday night.

⬜ Arrive at the start about 45 minutes before your assigned start time to go through the check-in process (if you do not attend check-in on Thursday night), do the final team/van organizing, and start mingling with the other teams.



*All dates and times to be confirmed.

  The 2024 race is canceled.           

       This information will be updated once the 2025 event is scheduled

Please refer to the Race Bible (Documents tab) for the most complete, up to date information about the race.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

4 pm – 7 pm
Packet pickup & team check-in:
Common Block Brewing

Please have the following items collected and ready to present at check-in at packet pickup. We will need to physically check these items, even if you’ve run this race several times – no exceptions:
* Completed waivers for any team member who has not registered online
* 2 Safety Vests (one for each van)
* 2 Headlamps or flashlights (one for each van)
* 4 Flashing Lights (two for each van)

Alternative packet pick: Hart-Tish Park, Applegate Lake (start line)
To pick up your packet on Thursday evening, you MUST make prior arrangements. Email to arrange to have your packet sent out to the lake on Thursday evening.

Camping is available at Hart-Tish for a nominal fee.

Friday, June 14, 2024

5:00 am
First teams will leave the start line at Hart-Tish Day Use Area.
Check-in and packet pickup begins for teams who did not attend packet pickup in Medford or on Thursday evening at Hart-Tish. Please allow at least 45 minutes prior to your start time to complete the check-in process. Teams starting before 6 am are highly recommended to pick up your packets on Thursday night.

8:00 am
Major Exchange #6 opens to Van #2 at Red Lily Winery.

11:00 am
Last teams will start their Wild Rogue Relay journey.

Glendale School opens to Van #2. The ham radio team will communicate with your Van #2 about when to leave for Exchange #18.

7:00 pm
The safety gear requirement begins. All runners must wear a reflective vest, a headlamp or alternative light source, and flashing red lights on both the front and back of the safety vest. Team members providing aid on the road are encouraged to also wear a safety vest for improved visibility.

10:00 pm
Exchange #18 opens. Please note: there is NO CAMPING at Exchange #18. Van #2 should plan to rest at Glendale School and use the ham radio communication to learn when they should depart based on their Van #1’s arrival at a designated point on the course.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

2:00 am (approximately) (TBD)
Breakfast burritos at Exchange #24 will be available. Cash only and first come, first served.

7:00 am
Safety gear requirement ends. However, if the conditions are foggy where your runner is at 7:00 am, please continue to wear safety gear until visibility improves.

8:00 am
Leapfrogging may begin from Exchange #30 for teams whose Van #1 did not reach Exchange #24 before 7 am. Please be sure to note your Van #2 departure time from Exchange #30. Full instructions for leapfrogging are available in the Race Bible (in the Documents tab).

11:00 am
Finish line opens. Vendors will be selling hot meals.

2:00 pm
Beer garden opens.

5:00 pm
Band will take the stage.



Here are the most current versions of our race planning documents.

Race Bible

Leg Maps

Leg Rank 

Finish Time Estimator: Please be sure to read the instructions at the top of the spreadsheet about how to save your own copy so that you can make changes!

Individual Packing List (PDF)

Van Supply List (PDF)

Start times for the 2025 relay will be posted in early June 2025


Wild Rogue Relay 2023 Start Times


Run Rest Repeat

Terminal Velocity

Danger Noodles

There and Back Again, A Runners Tail



CBBC Rogue Runners

Holley Runners

Calamari Safari


Unrestrained Overachievers



Whiskey Business

Northwest Billy Goats

S.W.A.T – Sprinters Walkers and Trash Talkers

Toughest Snails

Cool Ranch ReRun




A Running Joke

Mario Party

Will’s Rogue Runners

Not Last Pace



Keep Highland Running

Half Fast Relay Team


Undertrained and Overconfident

Running on Empty



Mystical Magical Honey Bucket Tour

Draggin Ass

Pounding Assfault

Fat Bears Go Rogue



Hellgate Hooliganz

Team Sucio

Eat Our Sawdust



Ultimate Relay


Best Costume(s)

Costume judging will take place at Exchange #6 (Red Lily Winery).

If you’d like to be entered into the photo contest, email your photo to with your team name.

We will have the option of posting it to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Entire teams in costume
will be given heavier weight as we consider finalists, so dream big and get creative!

First Prize: 30% off of team entry for 2024 or waiver of volunteer requirement for 2024
Runner up: 10% off of team entry for 2024

Most Accurate Team Pace Prediction

It’s time to put your spreadsheet skills to the test. We will be giving 25% off to the team that most
accurately predicts their total finish time (i.e. 28:31:42) this year.

To compete, please email your estimated finish time (in hours: minutes: seconds) to no later than 6 am on the morning of this year’s race. So, start crunching the numbers and see just how close you can get to your predicted pace!

Best Dance Video

Entry: Submit to WRR via YouTube, FB, Instagram, Vimeo. Please use the hashtag #wrr2023 or
email us with a link to your video.

The video contest is short and sweet. We know you have moves, and we want to see them. We’ll
take your best team dance videos, choreographed or not, and award our 2024 Dance Team

Prize: Waiver of volunteer requirement for 2025.

Winner will be chosen by WRR staff.