Costume contest winning team photo showing team in UFO themed costumes for the 2022 Wild Rogue Relay

Keep Highland Running was the winning team of the costume contest for the 2022 Wild Rogue Relay. Congrats!

The Pace Prediction winner for 2022 was the team, Will’s Rogue Runners. Nice work!

2022  Results

Team nameTime
Jackson County Physical Therapy24:52:30.8
Toughest Snails29:55:17.9
Super Runners30:08:21.1
Pretty ProCare Prancers30:13:17.4
We Thought They Said RUM!30:47:26.0
Pounding Assfault31:18:07.4
A Running Joke31:25:06.2
Two Pines Trail Runners31:25:21.4
Skirt Alert31:34:37.0
Good Vibes31:46:02.4
Draggin’ Ass31:56:21.3
Running on Empty32:08:47.7
Not Last Pace!32:15:15.8
Will’s Rogue Runners32:33:20.3
Rock Solid32:57:16.8
Between a Rock & a Hard Pace33:10:57.0
Team Awesome Sauce: Wild & Scenic Mileta33:11:24.1
Goin’ Down the Rogue Feeling Bad33:12:07.8
The Poseidon Adventure33:13:16.2
Hold My Beer, B*tch!33:19:06.4
Relay Runaways33:30:08.5
Why am I Doing this Again & Again & Again33:33:44.7
Run Forrest, Run33:40:31.6
Common Block Rogue Running33:46:31.7
We are the Crampions!33:53:03.6
Chasing Sasquatch33:53:50.8
In pursuit of Hoppiness34:07:41.5
Uncle Judy and the Barely Made its34:13:12.7
Runners Gone ROGUE34:17:32.9
The Comets34:24:56.2
Keep Highland Running34:26:05.8
The Rogue Trotters34:33:51.3
Sand in my Taco34:34:14.3
Pantless Thundergeese34:39:41.1
Thong Distance Runners34:40:19.1
Whiskey Business35:00:50.1
Premature Deceleration35:04:23.5
Your Pace or Mine35:05:50.8
Sasquatch Sprinters35:11:04.4
The Weekend Runners35:15:40.1
There and Back Again a Runner’s Tale35:17:18.5
Team Sucio35:43:51.6
Rapid Thigh Movement35:48:43.5

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2019 Official Results

Leapfrog Adjusted Results

Jackson County Physical Therapy24:19:53
      EST > PST… We’re already 3 hrs ahead.27:44:57
Ultra Mus-dache29:30:29
Screaming Seagulls30:06:59
Greenlake Gone Rogue30:17:18
Pounding Assfault30:34:44
Toughest Nails30:51:12
Fueled by Lithia30:53:54
Rogue Endurance Warriors30:55:30
Run For Your Life31:35:35
RUN DC31:53:50
6 sweaty friends in a van31:55:32
Olympic Rejects31:56:30
Cool Ranch Runnings 3.031:58:59
Uncle Awesome and the Fun Haters32:08:23
Dutch Rebels32:21:33
Sweating Our Hasselhoffs32:23:29
Fire guys32:23:36
Nylons on the Run32:37:14
That Ain’t Right32:49:24
AwesomeSauce: Wild & Scenic Miletastic R32:50:06
Toenails Are for Sissies32:50:46
Eastwind Ultra Runners32:59:11
Thong Distance Runners33:02:11
A Running Joke33:07:04
Team Sucio33:08:03
Running on Empty33:14:07
Eastwind Runners33:15:57
Hackles Up!33:30:27
Riders On The Storm33:31:46
Steelhead Sirens33:31:56
Heel Toe Express33:33:23
Feels Like The First Time33:33:57
NW Billy Goats33:37:58
5 Franks……….and Beans33:38:10
Gone Rogue33:38:13
Smells Like Team Spirit33:46:41
Team RWB Ultra33:54:58
Edward Jones’ Bad Assets34:12:35
Keep Highland Running34:13:29
The CrossFit MisFits34:30:20
Dirty Dozen34:31:12
Chetco Ale-ing runners34:37:55
0 Fast 12 Furious34:41:48
Another Day in Paradise34:51:11
Run Rest Repeat34:51:49
There and Back Again a Runners Tale34:54:35
Runnin’ Down a Stream34:55:35
We Fart In Your General Direction34:59:51
The Breakfast Burrito Club35:03:27
Race Day Magic 2.035:03:53
All Night Sleep Train35:08:41
We Run the Road35:15:46
Butts dragging dogs bArking35:16:25
Draggin Ass35:20:13
Mercy Flights Pacemakers35:20:45
Common Block Rogue Runners35:22:23
Frisky Business35:33:37
My Neck My Back My Icy Hot and My Snacks35:33:38
No Standards No Problem35:37:38
Two Young And The Rest Of Us35:43:31
Like Fun, Only Different35:44:42
Running Our Hasselhoff35:52:17
Run Forrest Run36:02:47
Good Vibes36:31:08
Why Am I doing this again & again?36:39:22
Between A Walk And a Hard Place36:56:58
No Sleep Till Brookings36:59:30
Team Running Dead37:09:06
Whiskey Business37:21:45
Uncle Judy and Baghwagon Bunnies37:24:16
Reno 9 Run Run37:24:53
All Family In37:32:33
Crossfit Misfits37:36:20
Slow Pokes37:53:05
Rad Team38:11:22
Is this the way to Rogue Brewery?38:48:42
Rampaging Koalas38:55:33
American Road Ragers38:58:58
I Gotta Have More Cowbell39:36:38
Sore N Fireball39:57:36

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2018 Official Results

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2017 Official Results

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Top 3 Overall

1Run For Your Life Open27:07:15.47:24 avg pace
2Ultra Mus-dacheMasters27:42:55.47:34 avg pace
3Running On Empty Open28:12:41.17:42 avg pace

Top Women’s
Ultraviolet Legs – 30:56:50

Top Masters
Ultra Mus-dache – 27:42:55

Top Submasters
Tom’s Benevolent Dictatorship – 29:47:02

Top Ultra
Ultra Mus-dache – 27:42:55

Top Crossfit
Northwest Billygoats – 27:05:15

Overall Results

PlaceTeam nameCategoryTime
1Run For Your LifeOpen27:07:15.4
2Ultra Mus-dacheMasters27:42:55.4
3Running On EmptyOpen28:12:41.1
4Team MediocreOpen28:28:46.5
5Squeal Like a PigOpen29:00:53.7
7Pounding AssfaultOpen29:33:22.6
8Tom’s Benevolent DictatorshipSub Masters29:47:02.3
9Runners Gone Wild_River Gone RogueOpen30:09:45.1
10Olympic RejectsOpen30:25:42.3
11Northwest Billy GoatsCrossfit30:27:16.3
12Salty DogsOpen30:44:00
13Ultraviolet LegsWomen30:56:50.2
14Rogue Endurance WarriorsCrossfit31:11:47.4
16Toenails are for sissiesOpen31:21:52.0
17Toughest SnailsOpen31:29:36.4
18How the West was RunMasters31:35:07.6
19Cool Ranch Runnings!Open31:42:04.4
20Oh My QuadOpen31:43:40.7
21Chetcos Ale-ing RunnersOpen31:48:44.7
22Ultrachicks…We like it longWomen31:49:50.3
23Boogie WondervanMasters32:02:51.5
24Keep Highland Running Part DeuxOpen32:05:08.0
25The Eclectic Educators of North BendOpen32:06:58.7
26Team Why RacingOpen32:09:24.4
27Ash KickersOpen32:16:19.6
28Running Our HasselhoffOpen32:22:18.3
30Basket of IncorrigiblesOpen32:27:21.0
31Oregon Community Credit UnionOpen32:33:59.9
32Don’t Stop BeerlievinOpen32:40:30.4
33Eastwind RunnersOpen32:41:02.4
34Steelhead SirensCrossfit32:45:53.4
35Team SucioOpen32:46:29.5
36Saur as HellOpen32:49:43.0
37Awesomesauce Wild Scenic Miletastic RuneOpen32:52:11.8
38Those Dirty DingosOpen33:08:25.4
39Runners Gone WildOpen33:10:05.8
41Heck YeahOpen33:16:40.7
42Rock SolidOpen33:16:52.5
43Forced RehabOpen33:17:46.9
44Texas StarfishMasters33:18:11.1
45Dudes and BoobsMasters33:19:16.1
46Why Am I doing this?Open33:24:08.9
47We Hope We Finish…………AgainOpen33:24:23.6
48Feels Like The First TimeOpen33:24:50.5
49Salty DogsOpen33:27:32.5
50Running WildOpen33:31:54.4
51We Used To Be Cool RunnersSub Masters33:32:56.4
520 Fast 12 FuriousWomen33:33:02.8
53Ultra MistakeOpen33:36:53.4
54Run Forrest_RunOpen33:38:57.5
55Common Block Rogue RunnersOpen33:42:48.7
56Team R.I.O.T.Open33:47:33.9
57Love All Serve AllOpen33:51:27.0
58Slow TwitchersOpen33:59:18.3
59Clown PunchersSub Masters34:01:09.5
60The Thundering Cascade NarwhalsOpen34:01:49.8
61Llama_ Llama runs like your mamaOpen34:01:58.7
62Keep Highland RunningSub Masters34:03:37.8
63Emerald Running ClubOpen34:04:53.4
64Road KaleOpen34:18:15.8
65Pac AttackOpen34:24:41.0
67Whiskey BusinessOpen34:27:05.4
68Bookings or BustCrossfit34:27:07.1
69Team Buckstop TruckwareOpen34:31:54.6
70Between a walk & a hard paceOpen34:38:46.2
71Thong Distance RunnersMasters34:40:50.9
72Gone RogueCrossfit34:45:56.4
73Foxy Bucket ListersWomen34:49:08.6
74Buns Of SteelOpen34:52:16.5
75Run REST Repeat!Women34:57:42.6
76Chafed & ChipperOpen35:05:20.7
78The Hurry in CurryOpen35:16:41.6
79Draggin AssOpen35:28:29.4
82Grumpy DutchmanOpen35:46:47.6
83Rogue Ultra WarriorsOpen35:57:51.2
84Johnsons… too much is never enoughOpen36:02:15.1
85Pace Picante: We’re Comin’ in Hot!Open36:05:19.1
86No Sleep Till BrookingsOpen36:26:03.0

2016 Official Results

Top 3 Overall
Run For Your Life – 27:32:07 (7:32 avg pace) (50% off next year’s registration)
Team Mediocre – 28:31:49 (7:48 avg pace) (30% off next year’s registration)
Pounding Assfault – 29:01:36 (7:56 avg pace) (15% off next year’s registration)

Top Women’s (30% off next year’s registration)
Awkward Finish – 34:40:12

Top Masters (30% off next year’s registration)
The Real Runners of Orange CountRy – 32:49:23.80

Top Submasters (30% off next year’s registration)
Keep Highland Running – 30:50:36

Top Ultra (30% off next year’s registration)
Poway High Alumni – 29:20:48

Overall Results

Team NameDivisionClock TimeLeapfrog TimeTotal Time
Run For Your Life12 Person Open27:32:07.327:32:07.30
Team Mediocre12 Person Open28:31:49.828:31:49.80
Pounding Assfault12 Person Open29:01:36.329:01:36.30
Poway High Alumni6 Person Masters29:20:48.729:20:48.70
ULTRA MUs-dache6 Person Military29:21:03.429:21:03.40
Salty Dogs12 Person Open29:36:45.529:36:45.50
Slow Down For What12 Person Open30:17:37.530:17:37.50
Meat Machine12 Person Open30:27:33.530:27:33.50
Rogue Endurance Warriors12 Person Open30:34:14.130:34:14
Keep Highland Running12 Person Submstrs30:50:36.330:50:36.30
Not SO A Team12 Person Military30:55:30.930:55:30.90
Siuslaw Board Feet12 Person Open31:04:54.031:04:54
UncenSOREd12 Person Open31:05:18.931:05:18.90
Vicious and Delicious12 Person Open31:07:14.031:07:14
Toenails Are For Sissies12 Person Open31:09:27.131:09:27
Northwest Billy Goats12 Person Open31:12:27.231:12:27.20
Bodacious Bison12 Person Open31:17:00.231:17:00.20
How the West Was Run12 Person Military31:43:25.331:43:25.30
Rogue Pogue Riot12 Person Open31:46:07.231:46:07.20
12 Elvises12 Person Open31:48:26.231:48:26.20
Heck Yeah12 Person Open31:50:37.431:50:37.40
Oregon Community Credit Union12 Person Open32:13:02.532:13:02.50
Cascade Relays Goes Rogue!12 Person Open32:21:08.632:21:08.60
Runners Gone Wild12 Person Open32:32:51.732:32:51.70
Running Wild12 Person Open32:37:51.332:37:51.30
AwesomeSauce Wild and Scenic Miletastic Runegades12 Person Open32:42:01.432:42:01.40
Feels Like the First Time12 Person Open32:42:50.832:42:50.80
HOTbeaVs12 Person Open32:46:39.232:46:39.20
Real Runners of Orange Country12 Person Masters32:49:23.832:49:23.80
Team Sucio12 Person Open32:50:41.732:50:41.70
Gone Rogue12 Person Open32:55:07.532:55:07.50
Fartleks12 Person Submstrs32:58:32.732:58:32.70
Loyal Legion Avengers6 Person Open33:04:34.133:04:34
We Hope We Finish…OYM12 Person Open33:05:52.433:05:52.40
Left Coast Lookers12 Person Open33:07:26.933:07:26.90
Balls and Dolls12 Person Open33:10:39.833:10:39.80
Rogue Penguins12 Person Open33:16:08.333:16:08.30
Trail Gansters12 Person Open33:20:38.033:20:38
Dudes + 2 Boobs6 Person Military33:31:01.033:31:01
Run Forest, Run!6 Person Open33:31:53.733:31:53.70
Run Wildly12 Person Military33:32:08.733:32:08.70
Drinkers with a Running Problem12 Person Open33:44:55.833:44:55.80
THE CRABBY CREW12 Person Open33:45:02.833:45:02.80
Runners Against Humanity12 Person Open33:47:12.433:47:12.40
SORE to The Core6 Person Open33:55:28.933:55:28.90
Runner’s Block12 Person Open33:57:57.833:57:57.80
Listen Jim!12 Person Military34:03:25.534:03:25.50
Night Panthers12 Person Open34:08:48.234:08:48.20
Pimp My Stride12 Person Open34:26:09.134:26:09
ZibArriba12 Person Open34:37:02.834:37:02.80
Awkward Finish12 Person Womens34:40:12.134:40:12
Suck it Up, Princess!12 Person Open34:40:38.134:40:38
Team Depends12 Person Open34:50:27.334:50:27.30
The Metalcats12 Person Open33:15:27.601:46:0035:01:27.60
The Quack Pack12 Person Open35:08:10.035:08:10
Yabba Dabba Doooo12 Person Open35:09:01.335:09:01.30
Ethan Strong12 Person Open35:09:03.335:09:03.30
Freebirds Soaring12 Person Open35:11:16.435:11:16.40
Freebirds Soaring Too12 Person Open35:11:17.135:11:17
The Hurry in Curry12 Person Open35:14:17.835:14:17.80
Humboldt Honeys12 Person Womens31:26:27.003:53:0035:19:27
R.I.O.T (Running is Our Therapy)12 Person Open33:55:10.001:33:0035:28:10
American Road Ragers12 Person Open34:43:51.400:52:0035:35:51.40
Glute Force12 Person Open33:59:05.901:45:0035:44:05.90
Chetco’s Ale-ing Runners12 Person Open35:48:34.535:48:34.50
Feets of Engineering12 Person Open35:54:04.035:54:04
Clown Punchers12 Person Open35:19:27.300:36:0035:55:27.30
Rogue Squadrun12 Person Open33:22:26.102:34:0035:56:26
R.O.U.S’s12 Person Open35:59:04.035:59:04
Valley Girls and Boys12 Person Open36:05:55.836:05:55.80
Absconders12 Person Open34:47:22.001:30:0036:17:22
Quackheads12 Person Open34:30:54.801:57:0036:27:54.80
Draggin Ass12 Person Open36:28:19.436:28:19.40
WE SHOULD PICK A TEAM NAME6 Person Open36:32:03.836:32:03.80
Chafed and Chipper12 Person Open34:21:47.002:12:1536:34:02
Those Dirty Dingos12 Person Open33:03:22.803:34:0036:37:22.80
Muckalucks 5.012 Person Open35:00:41.401:48:0036:48:41.40
Agony of DaFeet12 Person Open35:20:07.801:53:0037:13:07.80
Arch Rock Hard12 Person Open35:36:51.901:52:0037:28:51.90
Steelhead Sirens12 Person Womens34:27:49.203:09:0037:36:49.20
How Far to the Bar?12 Person Open34:45:49.602:55:0037:40:49.60
Ladies with Latitude12 Person Womens35:51:33.102:05:0037:56:33
2 Sore Feet12 Person Open34:12:45.503:47:0037:59:45.50
We Used To Be Cool Runners12 Person Masters34:58:08.103:17:0038:15:08
Long Haul Narwhals6 Person Open36:41:43.802:18:0038:59:43.80
Unofficial results:
Rogue Ultra Warriors6 Person Open34:32:00 34:30:00
Fit Bits and Pieces12 Person Open35:42:57.435:45:57.40
The Possibly Average Running Squad12 Person OpenDNFDNF

2015 Official Results

374Carmen’s Traveling Circus!25:47:12
352Just a bunch of fun lovin guys25:55:53
326Sole Sisters26:34:47
335Run For Your Life30:03:13
301We Had a Good Run30:12:22
305Ultra MUS – dache30:29:08
332Salty Dogs31:13:05
356How the West was Run31:36:48
337Rogue Endurance Warriors31:37:47
351Keep Highland Running31:50:55
306Toenails are for sissies32:01:51
303Vicious and Delicious32:15:20
368Family A-Phair32:27:18
363Funky Skunky32:27:25
378AwesomeSauce: Wild & Scenic Miletastic Runegades32:36:14
333Runners Gone Wild32:38:54
362Going Coastal32:44:44
317Team Zoom!33:01:43
350Klamath Mighty Midgies33:04:05
310The Real Runners of Orange Country33:10:20
347Ultra Narwhals33:12:35
318Team WTF (Where’s The Finish?)33:14:36
314The Not So A Team33:22:42
302We are SORE33:29:08
300Where The Wild Things Rogue33:32:57
331Save Our Soles33:42:38
325SORE Winners33:44:43
334Run Forest, Run!33:58:36
327Slaughterhouse 1234:11:27
336ROUSs (Runners of Unusual Stamina)34:11:58
367Feels Like the First Time34:19:15
324SpaRe PartZ34:22:33
3822 SORE Feet34:25:12
339Pounding Assfault34:38:33
358Heck Yeah34:46:13
328Siuslaw Board Feet34:49:34
341Oregon Community Credit Union34:54:10
309The Rogue Ghettoblasters34:58:13
322Suffering Runners ADAPT35:05:22
315The Crabby Crew35:05:35
316The Awkward Finish35:09:50
371Clown Punchers35:17:51
323Suck it Up, Princess!35:46:40
370Coastal Dilemma35:46:44
376Balls and Dolls35:49:38
379Another one bites the dust35:50:33
361Going Rogue35:53:34
345MiXeD NuTs35:54:41
342NoPo Running Club35:55:55
338Rogue Beavers36:01:04
373CEOAS Road Runners36:01:59
360Gone Rogue36:11:26
353JC Absconders36:13:50
377Badass Mother Runners36:15:37
364Freaks and Geeks36:18:19
308The Sick Sisters36:20:13
313The NW Billy Goats36:25:14
381ADAPT Running Junkies Poultry in Motion36:29:58
319Team Sucio36:35:30
354Humboldt Honeys36:35:43
372Chafed & Chipper36:42:16
349Left Coast Lookers36:48:02
344Muckalucks 4.036:52:42
330Scrambled Legs and Achin’37:16:41
340Pimp My Stride37:17:55
348Legs of Faith37:23:58
329Sistas and Brothas from Other Mothas37:25:53
359Gravel Grinders37:29:57
365Flamingo Froggers37:29:57
307Those Dirty Dingos37:50:08
346Milk Was A Bad Choice37:55:17
343NISSAN TITANS38:13:15
375Boy Shorts and Boxer Briefs38:17:16
366Female Fury38:30:24
380All About the Runs38:56:01
311The Quack Pack41:23:18
369Dutch Mafia 2Peace Out
312The ORIGINAL Balls and Dolls ReturnPeace Out
321Sworn To RunPeace Out

2014 – Preliminary Relay Results – Sunday 6/22/14

Unofficial, until we go through all team timing sheets:
Wild Rogue Relay Finisher Results 2014

Dane Train 23:50
Just a Bunch of Fun Lovin Guys 24:26
The Sole Team 24:55
Run For Your Life 25:35
Rogue Endurance Warriors 27:49
Suffering Warriors Adapt 28:35
We’re the Bee’s Knees 29:29
Multiple Soregasms 29:32
Salty Dogs 29:35
NuScale Power 29:41
Pounding Assfault 30:01
Runners Gone Wild 30:59
Toenails are for Sissies 31:05
Awesomesauce Wild & Scenic 31:30
Mint Valley Meerkats 31:44
Sp?re Pa?ts 31:59
Captains N Run 32:05
The Rogue Roasters 32:06
The Crabby Crew 32:08
Ultra Narwahls 32:16
Lithia 4 Kids, Fueling Futures 32:18
Nissan Titans 32:45
Going Rogue 32:47
HOTR (Let’s Do It) 32:49
Running Wild 32:50
Humboldt Honeys 32:55
Myrrh, Babe…Is that Kirstie Alley’s house? 32:55
JC Absconders 32:56
Balls and Dolls 32:59
MiXed NutZ 33:00
Hot Beavs 33:04
Suck it Up Princess 33:07
CEOAS Road Runners 33:12
Not So A Team 33:16
Gone Coastal 33:18
The Awkward Finish 33:22
The Wellness Warriors 33:38
Freaks & Geeks 33:39
Team SUCIO 33:39
Not so Virgin Runners 33:46
The Not so Rapids 33:50
Give Mom a Margarita! 33:55
Rachel, this is Not Kansas 33:55
Oregon Community Credit Union 34:00
Sofa King Fast 34:10
Slaughter House 12 34:14
Chapping Chafers 34:24
Running is Our LIFO 34:27
Milk Was a Bad Choice 34:26
Two SORE Feet 34:31
Rogue Endurance Warriors, B Team! 34:46
Mole Skin Maniacs 35:01
Those Dirty Dingo’s 35:10
Feels Like the First Time 35:14
Buck Wild 35:19
Muckalucks 3.0 35:31
Mother Chuggers! 35:34
Band of Runners 36:20
The Party Train 37:20

Ultra Teams
Going Coastal 30:16
Kingsley Sore Eagles 30:34

2013 Relay Results

For actual 2013 leg times, download the pdf file.

2013 – Ultra Teams (6 runners)

22:23 Rogue Valley Spinners
22:55 Fellowship of the run
28:52 Lucky Labradors
31:20 Going Coastal
34:11 Traumatized by Turtlenecks
– PDX Ultra Chicks

2013 – Regular Teams (12 runners)

23:50 The Dane Train
26:44 Run For Your Life
28:29 Big Cats
28:50 Runners Gone Wild
28:59 Toenails Are For Sissies
29:04 SORE the Merrier
29:15 Butt-Sweat and Tears
29:48 The Fast and the Curious
30:27 Slaughterhouse Twelve
31:01 SpaRe PartZ
31:03 Slow Motion
31:09 HOTbeaVs
31:25 The Lithia Nissan Titans
31:29 Scrambled Leggs
31:29 Suffering Runners Adapt
31:35 Rogue Endurance Warriors
31:46 Superior Fit
31:54 The Rogue Roasters
31:55 Pathfinders
32:04 We Got the Runs
32:12 Wild Rogue Runners
32:26 Feels Like the First Time
33:02 Back Road Runners
33:10 Running Junkies
33:10 SORE to the Coast
33:26 Ziba Arriba
33:28 Crabby Crew
33:38 Team Sucio
33:51 MiXeD NuTs
35:08 Team Stan
37:34 Coastbusters
– Team Facepunch
– Virgin Runners
– Wildest Rogue Relayests