Wild Rogue Relay team - Highland Running - dressed in pirate outfits at finish line of 2023 race

Once again, Keep Highland Running won the costume contest. For 2023, it was a pirate-themed effort. Congrats!

The Pace Prediction winner for 2023 was Team B.I.R. –  Nice work!

2023 Results

Team Name   Time
 Ultimate Relay 27:39:28
 Toughest Snails 30:55:15
 Draggin Ass 30:57:34
 Cool Ranch ReRun 32:05:49
 Hellgate Hooliganz 32:39:26
 Pounding Assfault 32:41:00
 Eat Our Sawdust 32:54:43
 Holley Runners 32:59:25
 Undertrained & Overconfident 33:17:00
 Half Fast Relay Team 33:43:00
 Not Last Pace 33:46:39
 CBBC Rogue Runners 34:09:00
 Northwest Billy Goats 34:26:02
 Keep Highland Running 34:36:16
 Danger Noodles 34:40:02
 B.I.R 34:47:00
 Woodlands 34:57:00
 Running on Empty 35:05:00
 Mystical Magical Honey Bucket Tour 35:26:00
 SWATT 35:31:00
 Team Sucio 35:47:00
 Calamari Safari 36:17:00
 Undertrained Overachievers 36:32:00
 Terminal Velocity 36:53:00
 There and Back Again a runners Tail 37:16:00
 Run Rest Repeat 37:53:00
 Whiskey Business 38:27:00
 Will’s Rogue Runners 38:54:00
 Fat Bears Go Rogue Peace Out
 A Running Joke Peace Out
 OCCU Peace Out
 Mario Party Disqualified

2022  Results

Team nameTime
Jackson County Physical Therapy24:52:30.8
Toughest Snails29:55:17.9
Super Runners30:08:21.1
Pretty ProCare Prancers30:13:17.4
We Thought They Said RUM!30:47:26.0
Pounding Assfault31:18:07.4
A Running Joke31:25:06.2
Two Pines Trail Runners31:25:21.4
Skirt Alert31:34:37.0
Good Vibes31:46:02.4
Draggin’ Ass31:56:21.3
Running on Empty32:08:47.7
Not Last Pace!32:15:15.8
Will’s Rogue Runners32:33:20.3
Rock Solid32:57:16.8
Between a Rock & a Hard Pace33:10:57.0
Team Awesome Sauce: Wild & Scenic Mileta33:11:24.1
Goin’ Down the Rogue Feeling Bad33:12:07.8
The Poseidon Adventure33:13:16.2
Hold My Beer, B*tch!33:19:06.4
Relay Runaways33:30:08.5
Why am I Doing this Again & Again & Again33:33:44.7
Run Forrest, Run33:40:31.6
Common Block Rogue Running33:46:31.7
We are the Crampions!33:53:03.6
Chasing Sasquatch33:53:50.8
In pursuit of Hoppiness34:07:41.5
Uncle Judy and the Barely Made its34:13:12.7
Runners Gone ROGUE34:17:32.9
The Comets34:24:56.2
Keep Highland Running34:26:05.8
The Rogue Trotters34:33:51.3
Sand in my Taco34:34:14.3
Pantless Thundergeese34:39:41.1
Thong Distance Runners34:40:19.1
Whiskey Business35:00:50.1
Premature Deceleration35:04:23.5
Your Pace or Mine35:05:50.8
Sasquatch Sprinters35:11:04.4
The Weekend Runners35:15:40.1
There and Back Again a Runner’s Tale35:17:18.5
Team Sucio35:43:51.6
Rapid Thigh Movement35:48:43.5

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2019 Official Results

Leapfrog Adjusted Results

Jackson County Physical Therapy24:19:53
      EST > PST… We’re already 3 hrs ahead.27:44:57
Ultra Mus-dache29:30:29
Screaming Seagulls30:06:59
Greenlake Gone Rogue30:17:18
Pounding Assfault30:34:44
Toughest Nails30:51:12
Fueled by Lithia30:53:54
Rogue Endurance Warriors30:55:30
Run For Your Life31:35:35
RUN DC31:53:50
6 sweaty friends in a van31:55:32
Olympic Rejects31:56:30
Cool Ranch Runnings 3.031:58:59
Uncle Awesome and the Fun Haters32:08:23
Dutch Rebels32:21:33
Sweating Our Hasselhoffs32:23:29
Fire guys32:23:36
Nylons on the Run32:37:14
That Ain’t Right32:49:24
AwesomeSauce: Wild & Scenic Miletastic R32:50:06
Toenails Are for Sissies32:50:46
Eastwind Ultra Runners32:59:11
Thong Distance Runners33:02:11
A Running Joke33:07:04
Team Sucio33:08:03
Running on Empty33:14:07
Eastwind Runners33:15:57
Hackles Up!33:30:27
Riders On The Storm33:31:46
Steelhead Sirens33:31:56
Heel Toe Express33:33:23
Feels Like The First Time33:33:57
NW Billy Goats33:37:58
5 Franks……….and Beans33:38:10
Gone Rogue33:38:13
Smells Like Team Spirit33:46:41
Team RWB Ultra33:54:58
Edward Jones’ Bad Assets34:12:35
Keep Highland Running34:13:29
The CrossFit MisFits34:30:20
Dirty Dozen34:31:12
Chetco Ale-ing runners34:37:55
0 Fast 12 Furious34:41:48
Another Day in Paradise34:51:11
Run Rest Repeat34:51:49
There and Back Again a Runners Tale34:54:35
Runnin’ Down a Stream34:55:35
We Fart In Your General Direction34:59:51
The Breakfast Burrito Club35:03:27
Race Day Magic 2.035:03:53
All Night Sleep Train35:08:41
We Run the Road35:15:46
Butts dragging dogs bArking35:16:25
Draggin Ass35:20:13
Mercy Flights Pacemakers35:20:45
Common Block Rogue Runners35:22:23
Frisky Business35:33:37
My Neck My Back My Icy Hot and My Snacks35:33:38
No Standards No Problem35:37:38
Two Young And The Rest Of Us35:43:31
Like Fun, Only Different35:44:42
Running Our Hasselhoff35:52:17
Run Forrest Run36:02:47
Good Vibes36:31:08
Why Am I doing this again & again?36:39:22
Between A Walk And a Hard Place36:56:58
No Sleep Till Brookings36:59:30
Team Running Dead37:09:06
Whiskey Business37:21:45
Uncle Judy and Baghwagon Bunnies37:24:16
Reno 9 Run Run37:24:53
All Family In37:32:33
Crossfit Misfits37:36:20
Slow Pokes37:53:05
Rad Team38:11:22
Is this the way to Rogue Brewery?38:48:42
Rampaging Koalas38:55:33
American Road Ragers38:58:58
I Gotta Have More Cowbell39:36:38
Sore N Fireball39:57:36

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2018 Official Results

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2017 Official Results

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Top 3 Overall

1Run For Your Life Open27:07:15.47:24 avg pace
2Ultra Mus-dacheMasters27:42:55.47:34 avg pace
3Running On Empty Open28:12:41.17:42 avg pace

Top Women’s
Ultraviolet Legs – 30:56:50

Top Masters
Ultra Mus-dache – 27:42:55

Top Submasters
Tom’s Benevolent Dictatorship – 29:47:02

Top Ultra
Ultra Mus-dache – 27:42:55

Top Crossfit
Northwest Billygoats – 27:05:15

Overall Results

PlaceTeam nameCategoryTime
1Run For Your LifeOpen27:07:15.4
2Ultra Mus-dacheMasters27:42:55.4
3Running On EmptyOpen28:12:41.1
4Team MediocreOpen28:28:46.5
5Squeal Like a PigOpen29:00:53.7
7Pounding AssfaultOpen29:33:22.6
8Tom’s Benevolent DictatorshipSub Masters29:47:02.3
9Runners Gone Wild_River Gone RogueOpen30:09:45.1
10Olympic RejectsOpen30:25:42.3
11Northwest Billy GoatsCrossfit30:27:16.3
12Salty DogsOpen30:44:00
13Ultraviolet LegsWomen30:56:50.2
14Rogue Endurance WarriorsCrossfit31:11:47.4
16Toenails are for sissiesOpen31:21:52.0
17Toughest SnailsOpen31:29:36.4
18How the West was RunMasters31:35:07.6
19Cool Ranch Runnings!Open31:42:04.4
20Oh My QuadOpen31:43:40.7
21Chetcos Ale-ing RunnersOpen31:48:44.7
22Ultrachicks…We like it longWomen31:49:50.3
23Boogie WondervanMasters32:02:51.5
24Keep Highland Running Part DeuxOpen32:05:08.0
25The Eclectic Educators of North BendOpen32:06:58.7
26Team Why RacingOpen32:09:24.4
27Ash KickersOpen32:16:19.6
28Running Our HasselhoffOpen32:22:18.3
30Basket of IncorrigiblesOpen32:27:21.0
31Oregon Community Credit UnionOpen32:33:59.9
32Don’t Stop BeerlievinOpen32:40:30.4
33Eastwind RunnersOpen32:41:02.4
34Steelhead SirensCrossfit32:45:53.4
35Team SucioOpen32:46:29.5
36Saur as HellOpen32:49:43.0
37Awesomesauce Wild Scenic Miletastic RuneOpen32:52:11.8
38Those Dirty DingosOpen33:08:25.4
39Runners Gone WildOpen33:10:05.8
41Heck YeahOpen33:16:40.7
42Rock SolidOpen33:16:52.5
43Forced RehabOpen33:17:46.9
44Texas StarfishMasters33:18:11.1
45Dudes and BoobsMasters33:19:16.1
46Why Am I doing this?Open33:24:08.9
47We Hope We Finish…………AgainOpen33:24:23.6
48Feels Like The First TimeOpen33:24:50.5
49Salty DogsOpen33:27:32.5
50Running WildOpen33:31:54.4
51We Used To Be Cool RunnersSub Masters33:32:56.4
520 Fast 12 FuriousWomen33:33:02.8
53Ultra MistakeOpen33:36:53.4
54Run Forrest_RunOpen33:38:57.5
55Common Block Rogue RunnersOpen33:42:48.7
56Team R.I.O.T.Open33:47:33.9
57Love All Serve AllOpen33:51:27.0
58Slow TwitchersOpen33:59:18.3
59Clown PunchersSub Masters34:01:09.5
60The Thundering Cascade NarwhalsOpen34:01:49.8
61Llama_ Llama runs like your mamaOpen34:01:58.7
62Keep Highland RunningSub Masters34:03:37.8
63Emerald Running ClubOpen34:04:53.4
64Road KaleOpen34:18:15.8
65Pac AttackOpen34:24:41.0
67Whiskey BusinessOpen34:27:05.4
68Bookings or BustCrossfit34:27:07.1
69Team Buckstop TruckwareOpen34:31:54.6
70Between a walk & a hard paceOpen34:38:46.2
71Thong Distance RunnersMasters34:40:50.9
72Gone RogueCrossfit34:45:56.4
73Foxy Bucket ListersWomen34:49:08.6
74Buns Of SteelOpen34:52:16.5
75Run REST Repeat!Women34:57:42.6
76Chafed & ChipperOpen35:05:20.7
78The Hurry in CurryOpen35:16:41.6
79Draggin AssOpen35:28:29.4
82Grumpy DutchmanOpen35:46:47.6
83Rogue Ultra WarriorsOpen35:57:51.2
84Johnsons… too much is never enoughOpen36:02:15.1
85Pace Picante: We’re Comin’ in Hot!Open36:05:19.1
86No Sleep Till BrookingsOpen36:26:03.0

2016 Official Results

Top 3 Overall
Run For Your Life – 27:32:07 (7:32 avg pace) (50% off next year’s registration)
Team Mediocre – 28:31:49 (7:48 avg pace) (30% off next year’s registration)
Pounding Assfault – 29:01:36 (7:56 avg pace) (15% off next year’s registration)

Top Women’s (30% off next year’s registration)
Awkward Finish – 34:40:12

Top Masters (30% off next year’s registration)
The Real Runners of Orange CountRy – 32:49:23.80

Top Submasters (30% off next year’s registration)
Keep Highland Running – 30:50:36

Top Ultra (30% off next year’s registration)
Poway High Alumni – 29:20:48

Overall Results

Team NameDivisionClock TimeLeapfrog TimeTotal Time
Run For Your Life12 Person Open27:32:07.327:32:07.30
Team Mediocre12 Person Open28:31:49.828:31:49.80
Pounding Assfault12 Person Open29:01:36.329:01:36.30
Poway High Alumni6 Person Masters29:20:48.729:20:48.70
ULTRA MUs-dache6 Person Military29:21:03.429:21:03.40
Salty Dogs12 Person Open29:36:45.529:36:45.50
Slow Down For What12 Person Open30:17:37.530:17:37.50
Meat Machine12 Person Open30:27:33.530:27:33.50
Rogue Endurance Warriors12 Person Open30:34:14.130:34:14
Keep Highland Running12 Person Submstrs30:50:36.330:50:36.30
Not SO A Team12 Person Military30:55:30.930:55:30.90
Siuslaw Board Feet12 Person Open31:04:54.031:04:54
UncenSOREd12 Person Open31:05:18.931:05:18.90
Vicious and Delicious12 Person Open31:07:14.031:07:14
Toenails Are For Sissies12 Person Open31:09:27.131:09:27
Northwest Billy Goats12 Person Open31:12:27.231:12:27.20
Bodacious Bison12 Person Open31:17:00.231:17:00.20
How the West Was Run12 Person Military31:43:25.331:43:25.30
Rogue Pogue Riot12 Person Open31:46:07.231:46:07.20
12 Elvises12 Person Open31:48:26.231:48:26.20
Heck Yeah12 Person Open31:50:37.431:50:37.40
Oregon Community Credit Union12 Person Open32:13:02.532:13:02.50
Cascade Relays Goes Rogue!12 Person Open32:21:08.632:21:08.60
Runners Gone Wild12 Person Open32:32:51.732:32:51.70
Running Wild12 Person Open32:37:51.332:37:51.30
AwesomeSauce Wild and Scenic Miletastic Runegades12 Person Open32:42:01.432:42:01.40
Feels Like the First Time12 Person Open32:42:50.832:42:50.80
HOTbeaVs12 Person Open32:46:39.232:46:39.20
Real Runners of Orange Country12 Person Masters32:49:23.832:49:23.80
Team Sucio12 Person Open32:50:41.732:50:41.70
Gone Rogue12 Person Open32:55:07.532:55:07.50
Fartleks12 Person Submstrs32:58:32.732:58:32.70
Loyal Legion Avengers6 Person Open33:04:34.133:04:34
We Hope We Finish…OYM12 Person Open33:05:52.433:05:52.40
Left Coast Lookers12 Person Open33:07:26.933:07:26.90
Balls and Dolls12 Person Open33:10:39.833:10:39.80
Rogue Penguins12 Person Open33:16:08.333:16:08.30
Trail Gansters12 Person Open33:20:38.033:20:38
Dudes + 2 Boobs6 Person Military33:31:01.033:31:01
Run Forest, Run!6 Person Open33:31:53.733:31:53.70
Run Wildly12 Person Military33:32:08.733:32:08.70
Drinkers with a Running Problem12 Person Open33:44:55.833:44:55.80
THE CRABBY CREW12 Person Open33:45:02.833:45:02.80
Runners Against Humanity12 Person Open33:47:12.433:47:12.40
SORE to The Core6 Person Open33:55:28.933:55:28.90
Runner’s Block12 Person Open33:57:57.833:57:57.80
Listen Jim!12 Person Military34:03:25.534:03:25.50
Night Panthers12 Person Open34:08:48.234:08:48.20
Pimp My Stride12 Person Open34:26:09.134:26:09
ZibArriba12 Person Open34:37:02.834:37:02.80
Awkward Finish12 Person Womens34:40:12.134:40:12
Suck it Up, Princess!12 Person Open34:40:38.134:40:38
Team Depends12 Person Open34:50:27.334:50:27.30
The Metalcats12 Person Open33:15:27.601:46:0035:01:27.60
The Quack Pack12 Person Open35:08:10.035:08:10
Yabba Dabba Doooo12 Person Open35:09:01.335:09:01.30
Ethan Strong12 Person Open35:09:03.335:09:03.30
Freebirds Soaring12 Person Open35:11:16.435:11:16.40
Freebirds Soaring Too12 Person Open35:11:17.135:11:17
The Hurry in Curry12 Person Open35:14:17.835:14:17.80
Humboldt Honeys12 Person Womens31:26:27.003:53:0035:19:27
R.I.O.T (Running is Our Therapy)12 Person Open33:55:10.001:33:0035:28:10
American Road Ragers12 Person Open34:43:51.400:52:0035:35:51.40
Glute Force12 Person Open33:59:05.901:45:0035:44:05.90
Chetco’s Ale-ing Runners12 Person Open35:48:34.535:48:34.50
Feets of Engineering12 Person Open35:54:04.035:54:04
Clown Punchers12 Person Open35:19:27.300:36:0035:55:27.30
Rogue Squadrun12 Person Open33:22:26.102:34:0035:56:26
R.O.U.S’s12 Person Open35:59:04.035:59:04
Valley Girls and Boys12 Person Open36:05:55.836:05:55.80
Absconders12 Person Open34:47:22.001:30:0036:17:22
Quackheads12 Person Open34:30:54.801:57:0036:27:54.80
Draggin Ass12 Person Open36:28:19.436:28:19.40
WE SHOULD PICK A TEAM NAME6 Person Open36:32:03.836:32:03.80
Chafed and Chipper12 Person Open34:21:47.002:12:1536:34:02
Those Dirty Dingos12 Person Open33:03:22.803:34:0036:37:22.80
Muckalucks 5.012 Person Open35:00:41.401:48:0036:48:41.40
Agony of DaFeet12 Person Open35:20:07.801:53:0037:13:07.80
Arch Rock Hard12 Person Open35:36:51.901:52:0037:28:51.90
Steelhead Sirens12 Person Womens34:27:49.203:09:0037:36:49.20
How Far to the Bar?12 Person Open34:45:49.602:55:0037:40:49.60
Ladies with Latitude12 Person Womens35:51:33.102:05:0037:56:33
2 Sore Feet12 Person Open34:12:45.503:47:0037:59:45.50
We Used To Be Cool Runners12 Person Masters34:58:08.103:17:0038:15:08
Long Haul Narwhals6 Person Open36:41:43.802:18:0038:59:43.80
Unofficial results:
Rogue Ultra Warriors6 Person Open34:32:00 34:30:00
Fit Bits and Pieces12 Person Open35:42:57.435:45:57.40
The Possibly Average Running Squad12 Person OpenDNFDNF

2015 Official Results

374Carmen’s Traveling Circus!25:47:12
352Just a bunch of fun lovin guys25:55:53
326Sole Sisters26:34:47
335Run For Your Life30:03:13
301We Had a Good Run30:12:22
305Ultra MUS – dache30:29:08
332Salty Dogs31:13:05
356How the West was Run31:36:48
337Rogue Endurance Warriors31:37:47
351Keep Highland Running31:50:55
306Toenails are for sissies32:01:51
303Vicious and Delicious32:15:20
368Family A-Phair32:27:18
363Funky Skunky32:27:25
378AwesomeSauce: Wild & Scenic Miletastic Runegades32:36:14
333Runners Gone Wild32:38:54
362Going Coastal32:44:44
317Team Zoom!33:01:43
350Klamath Mighty Midgies33:04:05
310The Real Runners of Orange Country33:10:20
347Ultra Narwhals33:12:35
318Team WTF (Where’s The Finish?)33:14:36
314The Not So A Team33:22:42
302We are SORE33:29:08
300Where The Wild Things Rogue33:32:57
331Save Our Soles33:42:38
325SORE Winners33:44:43
334Run Forest, Run!33:58:36
327Slaughterhouse 1234:11:27
336ROUSs (Runners of Unusual Stamina)34:11:58
367Feels Like the First Time34:19:15
324SpaRe PartZ34:22:33
3822 SORE Feet34:25:12
339Pounding Assfault34:38:33
358Heck Yeah34:46:13
328Siuslaw Board Feet34:49:34
341Oregon Community Credit Union34:54:10
309The Rogue Ghettoblasters34:58:13
322Suffering Runners ADAPT35:05:22
315The Crabby Crew35:05:35
316The Awkward Finish35:09:50
371Clown Punchers35:17:51
323Suck it Up, Princess!35:46:40
370Coastal Dilemma35:46:44
376Balls and Dolls35:49:38
379Another one bites the dust35:50:33
361Going Rogue35:53:34
345MiXeD NuTs35:54:41
342NoPo Running Club35:55:55
338Rogue Beavers36:01:04
373CEOAS Road Runners36:01:59
360Gone Rogue36:11:26
353JC Absconders36:13:50
377Badass Mother Runners36:15:37
364Freaks and Geeks36:18:19
308The Sick Sisters36:20:13
313The NW Billy Goats36:25:14
381ADAPT Running Junkies Poultry in Motion36:29:58
319Team Sucio36:35:30
354Humboldt Honeys36:35:43
372Chafed & Chipper36:42:16
349Left Coast Lookers36:48:02
344Muckalucks 4.036:52:42
330Scrambled Legs and Achin’37:16:41
340Pimp My Stride37:17:55
348Legs of Faith37:23:58
329Sistas and Brothas from Other Mothas37:25:53
359Gravel Grinders37:29:57
365Flamingo Froggers37:29:57
307Those Dirty Dingos37:50:08
346Milk Was A Bad Choice37:55:17
343NISSAN TITANS38:13:15
375Boy Shorts and Boxer Briefs38:17:16
366Female Fury38:30:24
380All About the Runs38:56:01
311The Quack Pack41:23:18
369Dutch Mafia 2Peace Out
312The ORIGINAL Balls and Dolls ReturnPeace Out
321Sworn To RunPeace Out

2014 – Preliminary Relay Results – Sunday 6/22/14

Unofficial, until we go through all team timing sheets:
Wild Rogue Relay Finisher Results 2014

Dane Train 23:50
Just a Bunch of Fun Lovin Guys 24:26
The Sole Team 24:55
Run For Your Life 25:35
Rogue Endurance Warriors 27:49
Suffering Warriors Adapt 28:35
We’re the Bee’s Knees 29:29
Multiple Soregasms 29:32
Salty Dogs 29:35
NuScale Power 29:41
Pounding Assfault 30:01
Runners Gone Wild 30:59
Toenails are for Sissies 31:05
Awesomesauce Wild & Scenic 31:30
Mint Valley Meerkats 31:44
Sp?re Pa?ts 31:59
Captains N Run 32:05
The Rogue Roasters 32:06
The Crabby Crew 32:08
Ultra Narwahls 32:16
Lithia 4 Kids, Fueling Futures 32:18
Nissan Titans 32:45
Going Rogue 32:47
HOTR (Let’s Do It) 32:49
Running Wild 32:50
Humboldt Honeys 32:55
Myrrh, Babe…Is that Kirstie Alley’s house? 32:55
JC Absconders 32:56
Balls and Dolls 32:59
MiXed NutZ 33:00
Hot Beavs 33:04
Suck it Up Princess 33:07
CEOAS Road Runners 33:12
Not So A Team 33:16
Gone Coastal 33:18
The Awkward Finish 33:22
The Wellness Warriors 33:38
Freaks & Geeks 33:39
Team SUCIO 33:39
Not so Virgin Runners 33:46
The Not so Rapids 33:50
Give Mom a Margarita! 33:55
Rachel, this is Not Kansas 33:55
Oregon Community Credit Union 34:00
Sofa King Fast 34:10
Slaughter House 12 34:14
Chapping Chafers 34:24
Running is Our LIFO 34:27
Milk Was a Bad Choice 34:26
Two SORE Feet 34:31
Rogue Endurance Warriors, B Team! 34:46
Mole Skin Maniacs 35:01
Those Dirty Dingo’s 35:10
Feels Like the First Time 35:14
Buck Wild 35:19
Muckalucks 3.0 35:31
Mother Chuggers! 35:34
Band of Runners 36:20
The Party Train 37:20

Ultra Teams
Going Coastal 30:16
Kingsley Sore Eagles 30:34

2013 Relay Results

For actual 2013 leg times, download the pdf file.

2013 – Ultra Teams (6 runners)

22:23 Rogue Valley Spinners
22:55 Fellowship of the run
28:52 Lucky Labradors
31:20 Going Coastal
34:11 Traumatized by Turtlenecks
– PDX Ultra Chicks

2013 – Regular Teams (12 runners)

23:50 The Dane Train
26:44 Run For Your Life
28:29 Big Cats
28:50 Runners Gone Wild
28:59 Toenails Are For Sissies
29:04 SORE the Merrier
29:15 Butt-Sweat and Tears
29:48 The Fast and the Curious
30:27 Slaughterhouse Twelve
31:01 SpaRe PartZ
31:03 Slow Motion
31:09 HOTbeaVs
31:25 The Lithia Nissan Titans
31:29 Scrambled Leggs
31:29 Suffering Runners Adapt
31:35 Rogue Endurance Warriors
31:46 Superior Fit
31:54 The Rogue Roasters
31:55 Pathfinders
32:04 We Got the Runs
32:12 Wild Rogue Runners
32:26 Feels Like the First Time
33:02 Back Road Runners
33:10 Running Junkies
33:10 SORE to the Coast
33:26 Ziba Arriba
33:28 Crabby Crew
33:38 Team Sucio
33:51 MiXeD NuTs
35:08 Team Stan
37:34 Coastbusters
– Team Facepunch
– Virgin Runners
– Wildest Rogue Relayests